According to Johns Hopkins University, an online statistician, more than six million cases of infection had been reported in the United States by Monday afternoon (20: 00 GMT). This is almost a quarter of the approximately 25 million reported cases worldwide. More than 183,000 infected patients in America have died. In absolute terms, the United States is the country most affected by the coronavirus pandemic in the world. Experts name Brazil, Peru, Sweden, Spain, Italy and Britain as countries with higher per capita mortality rates than the United States.

Nationally, the number of new cases fell by two percent compared to last week. However, the number of new infections still averages more than 41,000 per day. According to a Reuters analysis, the number of reported cases of coronavirus has increased in 10 States over the past two weeks, compared with eight States a week ago. Deaths increased in 12 States compared to 13 States over the same period.