Against the backdrop of ongoing unrest in America, us President Donald trump, who is seeking re-election, is going to new electoral impromptu events, continuing to bet on positioning himself as an irreconcilable fighter against lawlessness in the country.

On Tuesday, the American leader planned to visit the city of Kenosha (Wisconsin) – a new “hot spot” on the map of the United States. Here, a week ago, white police officers shot another African-American man, Jacob Blake, in the back. The brutality of the arrest provoked a new surge of mass riots. In the course of them, a local resident and an ardent trump supporter shot dead two activists of the movement “Black lives matter”, thereby further exacerbating the escalation of racial contradictions. At the same time,” fuel to the fire ” of the increasingly polarizing conflict in American society was added by trump himself, saying that the shooter, who was arrested and charged with murder, acted in self-defense.

As a result, all last week in Kenosha there were clashes, pogroms of shops and destruction of private property. The uncontrolled rampage of violence began to decline only after the introduction of National guard soldiers into the city. However, even this fact caused a tug-of-war between the Republican President and his opponents from the Democratic party of the United States.

“If I hadn’t insisted on activating the National guard and putting it in Kenosha in Wisconsin, there would be no Kenosha now,” the White house chief wrote on Twitter in his usual ultimatum style. To this, the local authorities, represented by the mayor of the city and the Governor of the state (both representatives of the democratic party), claim that it was they who decided to deploy troops in the city. And extremely do not want to see them headed in the direction of the President of the United States. Thus, the mayor of Kenosha said that he was disappointed with the arrival of the American leader. According to mayor John Antaramian, after what happened in the city, “it’s not the time to play politics.” The democratic Governor of Wisconsin, Tony Evers, demanded that the head of state “change his mind” about visiting his state.

Trump is betting on saving the country from the abyss of chaos and lawlessness

Relatives of a black local resident who is currently in a local hospital with seven police bullets in his back also do not want to meet with Donald trump in Kenosha. “President trump is a racist who inflates racial tensions. He has been doing this since coming to the White house. Why would I, as Jacob’s uncle, want to talk to him? ” – Justin Blake told the press.

American commentators do not doubt that trump’s visit to Kenosha is primarily of electoral significance. Wisconsin is considered one of the “swing States”. In many ways, it was thanks to the victory in this state that trump became the head of the White house, so now the Democrats are especially actively trying to win back the votes of voters and electors in Wisconsin. The emphasis placed by the current owner of the White house on restoring order, law and protecting the middle-class representatives who suffered from rioters has already greatly tightened his national ratings, and the gap in opinion polls from Joseph Biden is rapidly closing. And here the bet on trump on the grim prospect of plunging America into the abyss of chaos and lawlessness in the event of a victory in the presidential election of the Democrats can be fully justified.

Isn’t that why Biden, concerned about narrowing the gap in the election race, followed trump into Wisconsin? As the democratic leader told reporters last Tuesday, “he is exploring this possibility and hopes to do so.”

Meanwhile, liberal American media close to the democratic party, along with problems in the economy and the “coronacrisis”, are vying to accuse the head of state of provoking violence. “Don’t you think that your visit can worsen the situation in the city?” a CNN journalist asked about trump’s upcoming visit to Kenosha on Monday. “It can also increase enthusiasm, love and respect for our country,” the white house host snapped.