In Ukraine, in the vicinity of the city of lubotin, Kharkiv region, militants of the neo-Nazi organization “national corps” banned in Russia carried out an armed attack on activists of the organization “Patriots – For life”, the youth wing of the party “Opposition platform – For life”. Their minibus was shot with traumatic and firearms, and the surviving passengers were beaten with bats. Three activists were shot and one was taken to the intensive care unit after being beaten. At first, the shooting and beating on the highway was classified as “hooliganism”, which only increased the public response: the “national corps” is strongly associated with the interior Minister Arsen Avakov, who at first tried to present the incident as a minor incident, a youth fight.

Nevertheless, the militants – 14 people from Kharkiv and Dnepropetrovsk-were promptly detained and sent under arrest. President Vladimir Zelensky thanked the police for their work and expressed the wish that law enforcement officers were guided by the slogan “the law is one for all” and did not allow Ukraine to slide into the “dashing 90s”. In turn, commentators of the presidential Facebook post pointed out to Zelensky that this is not the first and not the only example of impunity for neo – Nazis patronized by the interior Minister, and in all respects – economic and criminal-the country has already been thrown back thirty years.