He considers his rival in the presidential election weak and controlled, “like a puppet”. At the same time, the US leader did not name those who, in his opinion, control Biden, and said that these are “people in the shadows”

If democratic candidate Joe Biden comes to power as a result of the November us presidential election, a revolution may begin in the country, the us leader and Republican candidate Donald trump said in an interview with Fox News.

“He’s a weak man. He is controlled like a puppet. This will not reduce tensions [in the US], they [the radical left] will simply win, they will take control of your cities, it will be a revolution, ” the President said. He believes that the majority of citizens will not support such an outcome of the elections.

Answering the question of who, in his opinion, controls Biden, trump refused to name specific individuals. “People you’ve never heard of, people who stay in the shadows,<…> people who [protest] in the streets, people who control [protests] in the streets, ” the President said.

Earlier, in another interview with Fox News, trump said that if Biden wins the election, China will “take over” the US. He believes that the PRC “owns” Biden, and therefore wants to lose to his opponent. “His son received one and a half billion dollars. His son has no experience, no mental capacity,<…> he received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Ukraine, < … > and then from China payments worth one and a half billion. This is ridiculous, ” the head of state noted.