The Chinese city of Yiwu, Zhejiang province, is home to the world’s largest small-scale wholesale market, which sells more than 260 billion units of various consumer goods annually to almost all countries of the world.

Such extensive trading allowed us to create the so-called “Yiwu commodity index” (Yiwu commodity index), which allows us not only to predict market dynamics, but also to make some macroeconomic and even political forecasts.

One of the latest political forecasts based on the Yiwu index was the prediction of Donald trump’s victory in the upcoming us presidential election in November.

This conclusion was made based on the volume of sales of Souvenirs (flags, banners, baseball caps, t-shirts, and so on) with the symbols of trump. Currently, the number of orders for it is growing, while the number of items with the symbols of Joseph Biden, trump’s main rival, is decreasing. Based on this, analysts believe that the number of trump supporters is growing.

The authority of the Yiwu index is supported by previously made forecasts. So, in 2016, he predicted a trump victory even when everyone believed that the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton would win. By the way, the predictions were also based on the volume of sales of products with symbols.

In addition, the IU index was used to calculate the winner of the 2018 FIFA world Cup held in Russia, which happened a few days before the end of the competition. The calculations were based on soaring sales of French flags. In the final match, France beat Croatia and became the world champion.