In the next few days I am going to release a new series of training videos on Stage3D.

These are not the typical deep technical tutorials that I’ve made so far. This time I am going to talk about building 3D worlds.

Yes, because it’s one thing to get down to the gist of coding, and shaders and all that. That’s the most hard core part.

But then, once you’ve coded your code…you need something to show.

And that’s when 3D models come in.

An annoying part of Stage3D is that there’s no support whatsoever for importing 3D models. And with 3D you need 3D models badly, or your apps will look extremely uninteresting.

Planes and cubes get boring pretty quickly after all.

Loading 3D Models

It seems that my previous post about the 3D Dome of Florence generated some interest. So I realized that you want to know more about dealing with 3D models. And you are right! Because without models, a 3D world is going to look extremely bare.

Loading models is not as simple as loading a JPG into Flash. There are many 3D formats available. And most of them don’t work well when used directly within Flash.

It’s a vast topic. So that’s why I decided to shoot a few training videos about this and help you get up to speed.

The first video is all about how a solid workflow for importing 3D models into Flash should be structured.

I took a deep look at how developers do things in AAA game productions, and tried to port that to the world of Flash.

I think that Stage3D is now going into a direction where it will let you build state of the art AAA games. And so it’s a good idea to get inspiration from the workflows that have been tried and tested in AAA game productions.

The 3D Content Pipeline Video Training

So that’s why I’ve setup the 3D Content Pipeline training.

It consists of a set of videos that I’ll be releasing in the next coming days. And it’s completely free.

The first video is available now. And you can find it here.

Click here to access this new video training on Stage3D.

I won’t be able to keep this video up for very long, because I am going to package it as part of a paid product that I will release in the future. So, if you’re interested, make sure you watch it soon.

Watch my new Flash 3D training video HERE.

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